Derek Cattani

It was during a chance meeting in London in 1970 that brought Derek Cattani together with John Rendall, Ace Bourke and Christian the lion

I was a young staff photographer on a national newspaper, chasing the latest scandals and taking pictures of the most famous faces of the time.

Now, forty years later, those scandals are long forgotten and those faces are a mere memory. What has remained is the remarkable story of Christian and the people who have kept his legacy alive.

Never could I have imagined the impact Christian would have on me and the world

Now you have the opportunity to have a part of Christian’s story. Just have a look at this video to understand just how incredible this story is.

Available for purchase are photographs of Christian during his time in London.

They represent the best images captured of Christian and are featured in the books,

“A Lion Called Christian”
“Christian The Lion”
“Christian The Lion :
My Picturebook” and the “A Lion Called Christian” DVD.

A portion of all sales will be donated to Lionaid to help continue their wonderful work in Africa.

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